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When you are dealing with large amounts of data, sometimes finding a specific file may take a lot of time. Unfortunately, the search utility built into Windows is not very efficient. Copernic Desktop Search can solve this problem by optimizing the search mechanisms you use. It works by indexing such content as e-mails, documents, music, pictures, videos, contacts, and favorites. Then, it can provide you with instant results as you type in what you're searching for.

The application has a nicely designed and intuitive interface. Various tabs will allow you to filter the results according to the type of content you are trying to find. What is more, each of these types has its specific ways of searching. For instance, you can search for a given e-mail message by providing any information that is likely to appear in it, such as words in the body, subject, sender, recipient, date, folder, and importance. As an additional asset, the program also supports performing Internet searches.

While not in use, the application runs in the background and is accessible via the system tray. It also integrates with your system through the so-called deskbar, which allows you to start a search right from your desktop. Since indexing can slow down your system significantly, you can set it to start indexation only when the system is idle. However, it also provides levels of indexing performance, including unrestricted (uses all system resources), restricted (optimized for low impact), and manual. You can also pause indexing manually at any time.

In general, Copernic Desktop Search is one of the best applications of its kind. Unfortunately, its main limitation is that the results of your searches depend on the state of the indexation. Since it does not carry out real-time searches, it may happen that some elements present on the computer do not appear in the results because they have not been indexed yet. Similarly, the results may include files that are no longer available.

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  • It has a nicely designed interface
  • It is easy to use
  • It provides various indexation modes
  • It can index multiple types of contents


  • It cannot show results in real time
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